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This is what I do. I design. I draw. I select. I create. This is the part of my career that I LOVE! I also invoice, order, track, hound, schedule, haul, carry, drive and many, many, many more things that I don't love so much. It is part of the job and while isn't glamorous, the part where I get to create a space for a client and see their faces light up the first time they see a much awaited piece of furniture or an entire space come together after a big remodel makes up for it.

I decided to start this blog to share my love and passion for what I do and to show the results that give my heart the joy of those priceless moments. There are so, so, so, so many design blogs out there and if you are reading this one, I appreciate your time, I know it is valuable. My title says it all...Blog Smog...there is a haze-like fog of blogs out there on the web....I hope mine offers something unique, interesting, and worthwhile. And so it begins......

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