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Best laid plans

We installed our 2018 Show House space last week so it was all hands on deck! There is a lot of planning that goes into getting everything designed, fabricated, ordered, and delivered for a project and this one was on the fast track. This year I ended up with a different space than what I started the Show House season with, so I really had a VERY short period of time to get everything designed and executed prior to our photography date. I didn't start designing until December and I had to have everything installed and in place by March 16th. As you may or may not know, I like to do unique, one-of-a-kind pieces in my spaces, so that requires some custom work. I had to make sure anything associated with those custom pieces was in stock and readily available, along with any of the furniture and lighting I was purchasing for the space. THIS WAS NOT EASY!


I plan, plan, and then plan some more to make this happen as it should, to not only be efficient with my time (since I am not getting paid for this), and the time of my team, but also to be respectful of the others who are working the house and to make sure it all comes together seamlessly. No matter how much I plan, there is always something that causes a problem. THIS IS MY WORLD. With so many people involved to make a space happen, there is bound to be something that causes a hiccup in that plan. Well...this installation was not an exception. The delivery truck with the main foundation rug for the space was running later than expected and I had other rug guys already there to deliver the beautiful accent rug I wanted to layer on top of the foundation we all stood around WAITING. Finally they arrived with the large foundation rug and we were able to get the accent rug in place! AND IT WAS WORTH THE WAIT!

After the rugs were in place the delivery team could bring in the other furniture they had on their truck. A small sofa, two nightstands, a dresser, and a chair were all delivered in wonderful condition and the room was starting to officially take shape!

The lovely and talented artists I asked to do some commissioned pieces were delivering their gorgeous works, we unloaded all of the small things that we brought along, started hanging some pieces on the walls and things were MOVING AHEAD!

We were humming along, getting things done, preparing the space for when the custom bed would arrive. We were expecting it at any time and the anticipation of seeing something go from my drawing to reality was definitely building. We were all so excited to see it and to get it in place, as it is the literal centerpiece to the space....I mean it IS a master bedroom after all! We were calling and texting the fabricator eager for news of when it would be arriving. Once it arrived we could dress the bed, hang the stunning artwork above the bed, hang the swing arm sconces, and get the room complete. We were told it would be there by 3pm...which was 4 hours later than originally scheduled....again best laid plans not going as planned. We had to find things to keep us busy until then and contemplate what our next steps would be. Here I am below discussing the situation with my team.

The best we could do was work on the things we could and once again WAIT. We ate some lunch, organized, set up accessories, cleaned the floors, and did anything we could come up with to use our time wisely.

The custom bed finally showed up hear 5pm...yes 5pm...not 3pm as we had last heard. Luckily the Show House stayed open for us to get the bed in place and allowed us to dress it and get as much done as we could. We knew our schedules didn't allow for us to come back the next day, so we did what we could and left a few things for us to complete when we were back again for the window treatment installation. The bed turned out GORGEOUS and was worth the wait (well sort of, we still wish we would have gotten it earlier...but at least it arrived). Come see how this stunning custom bed turned out and how the room FINALLY came together! Visit the 2018 Decorators' Show House when it opens April 28th!

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