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Metal Mix

Afraid to mix metal finishes...or don't know how? Adding a mix of golds, silvers, and bronzes gives a space more depth and makes it feel more collected. Here are 5 tips to mixing metal finishes:

1.) Look at lamps and side tables as a way to bring in a metal finish. If you have a gold table, try placing a lamp with silver or bronze on it.

2.) Add in accessories that bring in the mixes of metallics, some pieces may even have several metal finishes to help tie the pieces together.

3.) Create a gallery wall with different metal frames, but a similar style to bring in metals in a simple way.

4.) Add metallic fabrics on pillows into the space, bringing in silvers and golds to tie furniture pieces together.

5.) There needs to be a balance of finishes to truly have a space feel like it has a good mix. Keep in mind you could mix metals by staying in the same family, for example you could mix antique gold, french gold, bright gold, and champagne gold which still give the space depth, but in a more subtle way.

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