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Show House time again!

We are about to install our 2018 Decorators' Show House space! It is always exciting to see a design come together after a long process to get there. This year we have had some challenges, but we are happy to finally be able to transform the Master Bedroom in this historic home.

I approached this year a little differently, everything I am putting into this space is actually for a client. I designed this Master Bedroom for clients who knew they wanted to redesign their Master Bedroom space, so it allowed me to work with them to create the space, while also being able to use everything for the Show House. Once the show is complete, we will move it all to their home and install it in their Master Bedroom. Two installations for the same design!

The challenge has been designing and fitting furniture for two different spaces. The advantage was that both spaces were a similar size and had some of the same attributes, as well as windows that could work with the same window treatments, which is rare! I did have to do two separate floor plans to make sure the pieces fit in both spaces, including rug sizing. It was designing two spaces side by side and always keeping both in mind when making selections. The client's space took top priority, so I wanted to make sure that it worked for them first and foremost and then if it worked for the Show House...great! All in all, it was a unique experience that I am glad I took on because I think it will be a wonderful space for my clients, while also giving the public a beautiful space to tour. Although, it might be a little weird for my clients to have many people preview their bedroom design...but also it is pretty cool to be able to say that is their room!

Stay tuned for more information on opening day at the 2018 Decorators' Show House!!

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