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Colorful Life

We all want it....BALANCE. Having recently had our first child and back to work after being home with her for 12 weeks, it has been a big transition in our lives. I have missed work while being gone on maternity leave, but I have loved spending time with our baby girl and miss her every day I am away from her. Life is all about the balance and I am finding my way. It WILL happen and I am lucky to have a work life that I love and a home life that brings me so much joy!

So I started this Blog...I have been wanting to do this for awhile and I am finally getting to it. My thought in the past was "Would anyone really want to read mine?!?!" Well maybe nobody will...but I hope that I can provide some fun, insight, design tips, new products and styles that will bring someone enjoyment, even if it is just therapeutic for me. Life is short...why not try something new, right?

This brings me to the focus of this post...a Colorful Life. Adding color to your life, whether it be something not so literal like taking a vacation to make memories, or learning a new hobby, to ACTUAL color, I truly believe it can be just the right thing for the soul. Color has a profound affect on our emotions, whether we realize it or not. Chosing the right color palette for our home is very important for the overall well-being of all who live there. Adding splashes of fun color for lively public spaces versus calming colors for private spaces, it ALL makes a difference. It is true, there are colors that make you hungry, why do you think a lot of restaurants have red in their logo? There are colors that make you think clear and calm, like blue and green. Next time you look around your home, really take in the colors you have and think about why you selected them. It may be time for a change!

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